Posted by: Diane | February 23, 2007

Little boys

As I was getting dressed this morning I listened to my son playing in his bedroom. Where did he learn how to make all those sound effects with his mouth? He is GOOD! I mean, I know that little boys learn to make “truck” noises before they’re barely able to crawl, but by the time they’re 9, they can imitate the sounds of hand-to-hand combat with amazing accuracy.

In the deepest voice a 9-year-old boy can muster:
“This is the story of the alligator, the guy in the red suit, and the spider. “
(sounds of battle and blows being struck, growls)
“BUH-URP! Yuuummm!”

I wonder who got eaten by whom.

“This is the story of the guy in the red suit and the headless Bionicle.”
(more sounds of fighting and weapons swishing through the air)
“Parts flying everywhere! weapons….belts….helmets….wait, only one helmet; the other guy doesn’t have one.”

Apparently the guy in the red suit is a real bad-ass. Of course, how hard can it be to beat an opponent who’s already missing his head?

And so I wonder what these talents will translate into in the adult world. Author? Hollywood director? Wrestlemania announcer? I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out…



  1. Hey Little Sister… It’s 03:32 and I really should go to bed! But I have had such fun reading your blog; I mean REALLY, Girl. But since it takes me at least 30 minutes to prepare for sleep, I must sign off now. So wonderful talking with you tonight, uh, hmmm last night. Yeah, last night. Love to one and all, Linda

  2. […] Little Boys […]

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