Posted by: Diane | April 29, 2007

New knitting project

It has been a while since I knit anything. I don’t have money to spend on yarn so whatever I knit needs to fit what I have in my meager stash. I’ve got a medium sized plastic tote half-filled with odds and ends of yarn.

As I was reading a midwifery “tips and tricks” book that I borrowed from one of my preceptors, I ran across a pattern for a newborn cap. Since I happen to have some sport-weight yarn in my box, I thought I’d try it and see how it fits the next cute little fuzzy head I help catch.

Usually, we use pre-made, cotton, stockinette caps that come in the birth kit that we have the new parents buy. While they’re great at absorbing moisture, more often than not they don’t fit very well. They tend to slip off a lot. This cap looks like it will be long enough to stay on a little better.

The pattern is a very simple repeat of three rows: knit a row, purl the next, knit the next, and repeat those three rows. About 24 repeats will fit a 7 lb. baby head. I started out with 30 stitches. You sew the resulting square into a tube and then gather one of the open ends to close it and make the top of the cap. I’m using a size 6 circular needle.

I started making this pattern in two strands of superwash sock wool, but ran out of the grey that I needed to finish it. The pictured work is in an acrylic/wool blend that I found in a “bargain bin” for $1. I would prefer to use wool yarn, as it absorbs moisture and remains warm. A merino/cotton blend like Brown Sheep makes would be pretty nice, too, I’d bet.

When I’m done I’ll post another picture of the finished cap, and let you know how it fits.


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