Posted by: Diane | May 13, 2007

The best Mother’s Day present ever

On the back of a cardstock label from a fleece sleeping bag/mat with little green frogs on it, my four kids made a list of 37 things they like about me. In my not so humble opinion, no finer tribute has ever been written. Here it is, reproduced just as they wrote it:

HUGS! Kisses!
1. haer. its pretty and brown
2. your eyes
3. your not dum
4. your nice.
5. you make good ice cream.
6. Your pretty.
7. Your smart.
8. you have good taste.
9. your fun.
10. you have nice hands.
11. you give advice.
12. you give good advice.
13. you give graet advice.
14. your funny.
15. you know how to scare donkeys.
16. you take care of us when we are sick.
17. you smell good
18. you make good food.
19. your sweet.
20. your clean.
21. you give good gifts.
22. you love us
23. you speek forein langwegis.
24. you hellp us.
25. you have a nice smiell.
26. you know how to make soap.
27. you know how to milk a goat.
28. you like our giffts.
29. you show us how to do things.
30. you teach us.
31. you lisin to our problems.
32. you know whar things are.
33. you know what things are.
34. you know whar to get things.
35. you take care of us when we are hert.
36. you are mom!
37. you are the best mom

happy mothers Day

Love: M,M,J,J xoxo



  1. I am sure there must be a story about item # 15??? You scare donkeys???

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