Posted by: Diane | May 21, 2007

A pleasant day

We’re having a spell of cool weather with scattered showers right now. No need for air conditioning today! I spent my day building the website for my midwifery service and knitting. And I even got a little cleaning and cooking done.

We have a few guineas on our little farm and they are very interesting birds. They seem to run everywhere they go and when they do they remind me of little ladies running with their skirts hiked up and their petticoats bouncing underneath. They are excellent watch-birds and champs at eating up fire ants and destroying the mounds. We have one female and four males.

A couple of days ago, my husband decided that he had a taste for guinea flesh and killed one of the males. Now the books say that young guinea is gourmet eating, but our guineas are all at least two years old. Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about trying this new meat.

I put it in the crockpot with a cup of water, some spices and a little butter and let it cook on low for about 6 hours. My husband deboned the meat and put it in the fridge. Since today was my day to stay home, I was faced with the fact that I knew he would be expecting guinea for supper. I pulled the dreaded bowl out of the fridge, opened it, and pulled out a small piece of white meat to taste. IT WAS GOOD! I know this sounds really cliche’, but it tasted just like chicken! And after cooking in the crockpot it wasn’t a bit tough.

I made a casserole using cream of chicken soup, stuffing, mixed vegetables and guinea meat and the kids were none the wiser.

To finish my day, I pulled out a jar of elderberry wine that I made last summer. The elderberry bushes are just starting to bloom around here right now and I find myself thinking about making more wine in a few months. That reminded me that the wine I put in the cupboard 9 months ago is ready to be enjoyed. So I poured myself a glass and sat down at my computer to blog. Pretty good stuff. Well worth the effort. And a pleasant ending to the day.


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