Posted by: Diane | June 30, 2007

Oh! That’s what a feed is!

Ok, I’m not the most tech person around, I’ll admit. I know enough about computers that if something goes wrong, I can usually play around with it until I figure out how to fix it. Last night as I was checking my gmail, I was presented with a link to Google’s Reader.

Now, I’ve heard of readers and I knew that they were used to keep up with all the blogs that get updated constantly. And I know that a feed is the way that a blog connects with various readers. I had even (once) checked out various readers in hopes of seeing if they might be something I could use, but I didn’t have time to download, install, and mess with one.

So I see this link to GoogleReader and I decide to check it out. Bingo! SO SIMPLE! and fast, too! The best part for me was the pre-selected feeds gouped by topic that I could choose from. I quickly searched and added a few more of my favorite blogs. And now I don’t have to go to each site and wait for them to load to see if there is any new content! I love it! Now I feel more like tackling the task of considering some of the other readers. Any suggestions for a good one? For Firefox on Mac?


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