Posted by: Diane | July 2, 2007

More Blue Highways

Late in the book, Least Heat Moon stops for a short stay with a friend in New York.

In the moonlight, we walked over an abandoned vineyard. The posts had fallen down, the vines inched about for something to crawl up on; one had twisted around a rusting baler and another climbed a broken plow. We passed a foundation of a barn that had collapsed, a toppled chimney, and a weedy depression where an icehouse had stood. “These are all dreams we’re walking over,” I said.

I think that sense of dreams is what I love so much about old, abandoned farms and homesteads. Who was born there, lived there, died there? Did they care for their place or not? What were their dreams, goals, aspirations, wishes? What meals were cooked in the kitchen? What grew in their garden? Why did they leave?

When I drive by such places, those dreams call out to me. I want to stop, get out and walk around looking and touching. As if by doing so I could absorb those dreams and get the answers to all my questions. And perhaps I could, but I never have time and never make time to stop. I simply wonder every time I drive past.

I’ve heard the theory that old houses have absorbed the energy, positive and negative, of the people who inhabited them. Perhaps that’s what touches me, even as I race past in pursuit of my own life and dreams.



  1. Sounds like a great read – thanks for the snippets. 🙂 Glad to see you blogging again. I know how the craziness of everyday life can get in the way of a good, thought-full post.

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