Posted by: Diane | November 4, 2007

Pet peeves

There are some little things that bug me.

1. Friends with hi-speed internet who forward 8 MB movies to me that take a half hour to download on my dial-up connection. High speed internet is not available in my area and for that matter, neither is 56K. I am currently connected at 28K, as I have been for the past 10 years.

2. The lack of high speed internet availability in my area (but you probably already guessed that).

3. People who pass me on the road and then slow down in front of me to make a turn.

4. People who drive slow and pull out in front of me when there is nobody coming behind me for miles.

5. People who block the aisle at the store to visit with a friend.

6. Telemarketers who don’t take “No, thank you.” for an answer.

7. The price of stew meat. What happened to the cheap, tough cuts of meat that were a boon to the frugal cook? Now they’re all as expensive as the more tender cuts. I ony make stew when we butcher a goat.

8. When I pay at the pump for gas and I have to go inside the store to get a receipt. That is exactly what I am trying to avoid by paying at the pump!

9. When I’m listening to the radio and every station I like has obnoxious radio commercials on instead of music.



  1. My pet peeve at the grocery are those who block the cash register bagging area with their carts so I can’t get down to the bagging area to take care of my own groceries. The carts don’t have to be parallel to the register people. Glad to see you back, Miss Nedda =)

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