Posted by: Diane | January 4, 2008

What have I been working on?

My first client had her baby about a week and a half ago. Great water birth — first-time mom and she pushed for 10 minutes! She really surprised everybody.

I now have two more possible clients to meet with in the near future.

I have been knitting just about every evening and sometimes during the day when I should be doing other things! I have completed a pair of wristers, a pair of socks for my 8-year-old, and I have started a lace wrap.

I read somewhere that knitting lace was supposed to be fun and addictive. If you consider dropped stitches and ripping back multiple times “fun”, then it’s every bit as fun as they say it is.

Or maybe I jinxed myself by the comment in my last post about this yarn being worth the trouble!

It’s really a pretty simple pattern: Cat’s Paw. The picture below is a sample. Of course it hasn’t been blocked yet, so what you see is what comes straight off the needles. I think part of my problem was that my original needles were too slippery and too long. I’ve not made any mistakes since I changed to 12″ aluminum needles that aren’t glossy slick.

The wristers and socks are mindless knitting that I can pick up and put down a half dozen times a day. The lace requires more attention and I try to complete the entire six row pattern before stopping to do anything else.



  1. Yay, knitting! Both photos are gorgeous.

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