Posted by: Diane | February 1, 2008

I’ve been a busy knitter lately. My mother requested a handtowel and a couple of washcloths like the ones I’ve made her in the past, so here they are:

For the washcloths I just picked out a couple of nice stitches to try for the body of the cloth, and added a garter stitch border of 4 rows (top and bottom edge) and 3 stitches (each side).

I’m not crazy about the way the duplicate stitch heart came out on the towel. I used yarn for the stitching and it is very thick and slightly distorted. I think next time I’ll use a double or triple strand of embroidery floss instead.

I’m still working on my lace wrap, and I’ve gotten one sock finished for my son. I really need to start on that second sock before I forget the details of the first one.

I’ve got two skeins of grey worsted weight wool that I’m trying to decide how to use. So far, I’ve got a pattern for a stuffed animal, several patterns for soakers, a pattern for a seat belt shoulder pad, and a pattern for a beanie that can be embellished any number of ways. The toy or the soakers would be given away if I made them. The beanie…well, I’m not a big hat person, but I bet any one of my daughters would wear it. And I could definitely use the seat belt pad.

I’m already making plans for projects to start when I have used up the yarn I bought at Christmas. I need a new oven mitt (or two), my husband wants a sweater, and I want to keep knitting socks for my family. I also want to buy some plain wool and try dying it with Kool-aid.


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