Posted by: Diane | March 7, 2008

Finished projects

I finally finished that lace scarf/wrap that I started a couple of
months ago. I think it turned out pretty nice. But now I'm thinking
about turning it into a shrug by sewing the long edges together for
about 20 inches or so. It could still be used as a scarf that way, but
it would be nice for those days when you need long sleeves in the
morning and short sleeves in the afternoon. And it would be easier to
keep it over your arms and shoulders where you need it most.

I also decided to use that grey/blue worsted wool to make a soaker. It took a little more than one 50g skein, so I used the rest of the second skein to make a matching pair of booties. I didn’t have much luck finding a pattern for booties that called for worsted weight yarn, so I had to make up my own. I’ll post it later for anyone else out there who might be looking for such a thing. I’m going to sell the soaker for $6 and the booties for $4.



  1. I’d be happy to post a picture when I do that! I’m also knitting a “test” shrug for one of my twins out of some bulky yarn.A soaker is a cover to go over cloth diapers. They say that it works great at keeping the wetness in while allowing airflow to the skin. The thing about a wool cover is that as long as it doesn’t get poop on it, you can simply let it dry and reuse it several times. Wool doesn’t seem to absorb the smell of urine. You just hand wash it every week or so, and then put a little lanolin in the rinse water every 4-6 weeks to maintain the desirable properties of the wool.I would have liked having a few of these when I was using cloth diapers.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing. I’m trying to envision what your wrap will look like when you sew it up. If you have a chance, would you mind posting a photo of that? Also, what is a soaker? It looks, to me like they’re a cover to wear over diaper pants, with the two little leg holes. Is that correct?

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