Posted by: Diane | June 23, 2008

A Recommendation for Mac owners

My 6-year-old iMac computer went kablooey recently. It simply would not boot up.

After trying all that I could to access the drive and get my data off of it, I finally sent the whole thing off to a company in Memphis. They diagnosed a crashed hard drive, but were able to recover all of my information from it. While they had it, I figured I might as well upgrade.

So for a little over $325 (including shipping both ways), I got a much improved Macintosh back–newer OS, bigger hard drive, and more RAM. The cost to take it to the closest “Apple approved” repair place, 80 miles away, would have been $300, just for the hard drive recovery. And the turn around was quicker than I expected: they received it on a Thursday and I got it back the following Thursday.

The company I sent it to was Operator Headgap Systems. They sell refurbished macs, do repairs and upgrades, sell parts, and have a great tech support line. There is also a pretty good tech page on their website with lots of good information on upgrades, hardware, and software.

They went above and beyond the service I expected, and I am very pleased with their work. I highly recommend them if you have a Macintosh that needs work.


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