Posted by: Diane | September 14, 2009

Rain, rain, go away…

It has been a cool, gray, damp weekend around here.  We’ve probably gotten around 4-5 inches of rain so far.  Thankfully, it held off long enough to enjoy the Boy Scout cookout at Lake Bob Sandlin on Saturday. 

The kids had fun playing tetherball and a game where you throw things that look like bolos (two rubber balls connected by string) at a spinning metal “rack” to get points.  The bolo game, dominated by scouts, ended up dissolving into a type of “bolo dodgeball,” but since they weren’t hurting anyone, they still got the bolo on the rack occassionally, and they were all having fun we let them play.

Our little chicks aren’t so little anymore.  They’re feathering out and growing very well, and we haven’t lost one yet.  I took their cardboard walls away last Friday morning to give them the run of half of our barn.  They still stay pretty close to their light, food and water, but are beginning to venture off of their little platform.  A few of them will come up and eat out of my hand.  Once they’re completely feathered out and big enough, I’ll put them in the chicken coop.  (Which reminds me, I need to inspect it for holes and gaps and repair it, if needed.)

Our old cat, Seamus, finally died last week.  He was over 15 years old. The kids buried him next to Too-Tika (a turtle) and Rockit (a parakeet) over by the kids’  treehouse. 

Schoolwork has been going very well.  We decided to join the local homeschool group this year.  Our kids are getting older and beginning to want more social interaction, and the group has lots of fun activities for families to participate in.  I’m looking forward to creating a yearbook page for our family.  At the end of the year, they collect them, print pages and bind them into a yearbook for the group.

We’ll be picking more cream peas pretty soon.  The bushes were covered in flowers last Friday.  We’ve also got pinto beans growing that we will pick early to use for green beans.  I haven’t checked on our carrots or broccoli lately to see how they’re doing.  Collards will need to be planted next.  We finally mowed down the squash plants last week and I think we’ve got more than enough okra to eat until next summer.  

Time for me to give a geography quiz….


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