Posted by: Diane | October 2, 2009

Where was I when the lights went out?

We had a bit of a storm blow through our area last night.  The worst of it went north of us so all we got was a little bit of rain, however, we did lose electricity for a few hours.  Of course, we’re always prepared for that sort of thing and we lit our candles and lamps and got out the flashlights.  No problem.

I love it when the electricity goes out.  Mostly because the TV doesn’t work then.  It forces our family to revert to simpler forms of entertainment.  Like talking. Or playing board games.  There are no distractions, and it seems like the whole world grinds to a halt.  It’s just our family in a cozy circle of warm lamplight.



  1. I don’t mind the lights going out during the day, except there is no computer…. bummer. But when they go out at night, different story. Tom and the kids can’t sleep without some noise – a fan or the tv. I have to admit that I’m a little partial to the fan noise myself. No power at night really makes for a long, sleepless night. Last year when the ice storms came through (and the year before), we lost power for about 15 minutes. Really suprised about that. The house was so quiet and we opened the doors to listen to the tree limbs cracking, breaking, and falling off. We love our trees here, so every time we heard that we all cringed and said “There goes another one”. We lost a bunch of trees this past June due to tornadic conditions. No damage to the house luckily. I was awake and standing at the window. SOOO glad I couldn’t see what was happening out there! I freaked out a bit on that one. Woke Tom up in a panic and said “we’ve got to go to the basement..I think there’s a tornado!!” Couldn’t get Eli to wake up. I was almost screaming at him to get his booty out of bed. Funny story…could have been much worse. I’ll send some pictures of the tree damage some time or post them on FB.

    I love reading your Blog, Di. Keep it up. I may not always post, but I do love to read it. Sure miss seeing you and being able to talk to you. I also love the quotes you post on FB. Where do you get all those? Do you read that much? HaHa! Talk to you soon I hope. ~ Jin

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