Posted by: Diane | October 25, 2009

A new member in our family!

We adopted a dog from the Texarkana Animal Shelter yesterday.

Our watch dog, Max, was hit by a car as he and Allen walked down the road last Tuesday.  Living in the country, if you’re without a dog for very long, the wild critters hear about it and start moving in. 

I did a little research online and had a general idea of what kind of dog we might be looking for. is a great site for searching local shelters and rescue organizations to find just the right dog.  The reason that we ended up at the Animal Care & Adoption Center of Texarkana was that I ran across the sweetest looking dog and just had to go see if she was the one.

Daisy was a sweet dog.  She just wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  She would make a WONDERFUL companion for someone who is looking for a house dog.  And I just love her coloring.  Consider this a shameless plug for this adorable doggie who REALLY needs a good home.  Really.  Go meet her and you’ll want her for your own!

So we looked at a few other dogs (I, somewhat reluctantly).  They had a nice German Shepherd who was given up by her owner, a cute “min pin” that was more pin than min, an adorable female beagle, and many more, both adult and puppy.  We (Allen, Madlen, Joelle, and I) finally settled on this cute little guy:

The kids decided that his name should be Eli, and we brought him home.  He slept most of the way home with his head cradled in Joelle’s lap.  He is quite the charmer and has that eager, intelligent terrier personality (much like Max did). 

Today I went and bought him a bed, a couple of toys, some treats (for training), and the ingredients for the world’s best dog shampoo.  The twins and I gave him a bath tonight and then rewarded his patience with a treat and his new toys.  He was ecstatic!  (And he smelled much better, too.)  But he wouldn’t get in his bed until I put his towel that he slept on last night on top of it.

Eli seems to be very happy to have joined our pack.  I think he’s going to fit right in!


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