Posted by: Diane | February 11, 2010

Yes, we’ve got snow!

It always snows on a holiday here in East Texas.  The last two times it snowed in the past 10 years were on Valentine’s Day and on New Year’s Eve.  I had to look at the calendar to be sure, but today is Lincoln’s Birthday.  Madlen said “That’s not a holiday!” to which I replied “It used to be!”  Seems like anymore people think it doesn’t qualify as a holiday unless it’s a day off. 

Buddy wasn’t too sure about all the white stuff on the ground, but once we drug him outside he decided it wasn’t so bad.  Here he is romping with Micah:

And of course, the VERY first thing the kids did when they went outside was to build a snowman:

All the kids in public school right now are sitting at their desks WISHING they could get out and play in this stuff! 

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