Posted by: Diane | April 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Everything is turning green and blooming like mad around Pittsburg, Texas.  People are sniffling and sneezing and everything is coated with a dusty layer of yellow pollen.

The spectacular spring display of blooming trees and wildflowers is one of the things I love about living here.  It starts with the daffodils and pear trees in February, jonquils and tulip trees in March, and then it really breaks loose:  wisteria, dogwoods, irises, azaleas, paulownia trees, spirea and snowball bushes, Indian paintbrush, bluebonnets, and more!

Madlen has played her first two softball games of the season–they won both of them.  She and Micah are getting ready to attend their first real “banquet” with their homeschool friends.  The theme is an 18th century masquerade.  Jemma and Joelle turned 11 years old on March 30 this year.  They requested omelets for breakfast and CiCi’s Pizza for supper. 

Our new hens that we bought last August have started laying!  We’re getting about a dozen eggs every day, so I’ve started searching out recipes that use lots of eggs.  I’ve got a loaf of brioche baking in the oven right now, and last night I made a pound cake which we ate for breakfast this morning.  Perhaps I should investigate getting a cow to provide all the butter I’m using with all these eggs!  (yeah, right.)

We’re in the process of getting the garden tilled up and planted.  Since we have so much dirt to work with this year, we’re trying a few experimental crops.  We’d like to grow some plants that we can feed to our livestock, so we’ve planted some mangel beets, amaranth, field corn and broom corn sorghum.  We’ve also planted some buckwheat that we can feed to the stock or till under as a green manure.  As far as what we are growing for our own consumption, we have collards, cabbage, carrots, snap peas, green peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes so far.  Of course, we could also eat young mangel beets and amaranth greens and we probably will (at least once).

The midwifery business has been booming lately, as well.  Most recently, I attended a first-time mother at her delivery of a 9.5 lb baby boy.  It was a wonderful and fairly quick labor and birth.  We’ve got several more mothers due before the end of this month.

Tomorrow is Pioneer Days in Pittsburg.  Micah will be helping his scout troop with a campsite demonstration and games for kids, and Madlen will have a booth to sell the jewelry she has made recently.  The twins and I will hang out and enjoy the festivities, especially the Northeast Texas Dulcimer Chorus

Now, I’m going to go snick a piece of that warm brioche…



  1. Fresh eggs are so amazing. Does your family like things like omelets or quiche? When we purchased fresh eggs from a friend recently we had personal omelets for dinner, which hash brown spuds and fresh fruit. Yum!

  2. I find it hard to believe the twins are 11! Does not seem possible. If Madlen has pictures of her jewelry, I would be interested in seeing some of it.
    I have my Mother here for the week, she is sure getting feeble and forgetful, but doing OK I guess!
    Tell all that I said hi!

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