Posted by: Diane | May 30, 2010

At Mom’s in Missouri…

We’re having a great visit with my mom right now.  We arrived last Tuesday to her new home in Warrensburg.  We’ve done a little work unpacking and rearranging some things and we’ve gotten to know our way around town pretty well.  “The ‘Burg”, as the locals call it, is a pretty neat place.

Today we all went over to the Nassif Aquatic Center to swim.  There is a lap pool with a diving board and a large water slide as you first come in.  Walk up some steps and you’ll find a watery playground for the little ones with another small water slide and a large water-dumping bucket and a lazy river ride.  Schlitterbahn it is not (though they have one in K.C., I hear), but it is definitely worth $5 a person to enjoy.  There is also a snack bar (reasonable) and lots of tables with umbrellas, canopies, chairs and chaises to relax in.  We loved it!

Wendy has come over twice to visit and she also went swimming with us.  It’s good to see her again and listen to her and Madlen chit-chat back and forth. 

Last night we went to Versailles for their Memorial Day celebration.  The music was good and the fireworks were really nice.  On the way home there were millions of fireflies lighting up the fields.  I’ve never seen so many in all my life!  It was a fantastic evening and very relaxing.

I’m not looking forward to leaving this week and going back to the scorching heat and humidity of east Texas, but I bet there are green beans to pick when we get home.


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