Posted by: Diane | October 26, 2010

It’s almost November!

Man, where did this year go?  It seems like the years are going by faster than they used to.

Last week Micah and I started an experimental bed in the garden.  I read about something called Lasagna Gardening where you layer organic materials like a lasagna right on top of the ground, let them sit a while, and then plant into your enriched earth.

We started with a layer of newspaper over an area that is about 3′ x 15′, which we then wet down.  Next some peat moss, then leaves, manure, peat moss, more leaves, more manure, and the rest of the peat moss.  We topped it with some black plastic and surrounded it with flattened cardboard boxes to help keep the grass from creeping into it.  I plan to let it “cook” all winter, though we’ll probably pull back the plastic and add a few more layers during that time.  Maybe some wood ashes, shredded paper, more manure and leaves, etc. 

I’m going to plant vegetables in it next spring, maybe using “square foot gardening” dimensions.  I want to try to get as many plants into this little area as possible to see just how much it will produce.  I’m also thinking about running some irrigation hose through the bed to make sure it gets enough moisture through the summer.

We all went to the Gilmer Yamboree last Thursday.  We scraped up enough money to buy a wristband for each of the kids so they could ride all the rides they wanted.  This was the first year did that, and they all had a great time.   Everything was on the square in Gilmer, so while the kids made themselves dizzy, Allen had dinner and I had chips with sauce at a little Mexican restaurant right across the street.  Afterward, we got a couple of ice cream cones and looked at the rides.  We both agreed that our aging stomachs probably wouldn’t tolerate anything that went any faster than a porch swing. 
And a good time was had by all…


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