Posted by: Diane | May 15, 2011

A computer in the palm of my hand!

I was planning to take my laptop to my husband’s office and use the high-speed wireless to catch up on some updates to my website and this blog, but plans changed (as they so often do in our household) and we came home.

Computer time is a rare commodity for me these days, mostly because the kids use it for schoolwork and visiting with their friends.  So I do a lot of email and surfing on my smartphone.  Before we left town, I searched for an app to use to update this blog.  I found one specifically for WordPress and I’m using it right now.

I still need my laptop for big tasks, but this smartphone is pretty dang handy.

There was an interesting conversation in the living room this morning.  We were watching one of the news shows and Mr. Judson, a self-appointed spokesman for the Tea Party, apparently thinks that we should be able to go into any country and do whatever we want to whomever we want without any consideration given to their sovereignty.

Allen, playing devil’s advocate, starts saying that to conquer evil sometimes you must be evil and ended by saying “to get a pig out of a mud hole  you have to get dirty.” 

Well, Jemma pipes up, “No, you don’t!”

“No?  How do you get him out without getting dirty?”


And here I must point out that food also works when said pig refuses to be pushed and prodded into a trailer by two strong men so that he can be made into pork chops and sausage.

Out of the mouths of babes…


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