Posted by: Diane | March 27, 2012

It’s Spring again…

Seems like I always post in the springtime.  I guess it’s because there is so much going on around the farm at this time of year.

Today I replaced the back porch steps.  It wasn’t difficult.  I took a couple of measurements yesterday and went to Home Depot last night while Micah was at Scouts.  I found the stair stringers and then got help from someone to cut the treads for me from a 16 foot 2×10.  I bought four metal brackets to attach the steps to the deck, paid for it all, loaded it in the trunk of my Toyota Avalon and brought it home.

This morning I used a pry bar to remove the old steps.  They were so rotten that it was a very easy thing to do.  Then I borrowed some tools and deck screws from my brother-in-law, and with his suggestions, attached the brackets to the stringers, the stringers to the deck, and the treads to the stringers.  We leveled it all up with a few shims and voila! new back steps.  Total cost:  $45 

I’ve planted several fruiting trees, a couple of grapevines and two blueberry bushes over the winter.  They are all budding out very nicely and hopefully we will have loads of fruit in a few years.  In the meantime, I plan to buy fruit from the local orchards and put it up this summer.  We have access to fresh strawberries (ripening right now!), peaches, blackberries, and blueberries here locally, and I have no objection to picking my own. 

We had seven baby goats this spring:  6 does and 1 buck!  What a blessing!  We should have A LOT of babies next spring and can sell a few then.

The midwifery business is going well.  I have an office in Pittsburg again and have been getting quite a few phone calls.  I’ve already done five births for my own clients this year and I have five more to go.  I am very close to being midwife at my 100th birth.

Still hoping to be a more active blogger here.  It’s difficult for me to find the time (quiet, uninterrupted time) to compose my thoughts and write some good, meaty stuff.  Early morning is really the best time, it’s just that it’s so darn EARLY!



  1. Canning… that’s the next thing I need to tackle. We have two little blueberry bushes loaded with fruit this year. We’ll see if the squirrels get the figs again!

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