Posted by: Diane | January 30, 2013

Somebody stop me! (but I doubt you can…)

I discovered Ana White’s website today. I spent the entire afternoon browsing.

Ana is a DIY kinda girl and she builds furniture.  Her site is loaded with tons of FREE woodworking plans for making the neatest furniture.  Furniture like you would see at Pottery Barn and other high-end places.  Furniture that could cost you thousands for just one item.  And she makes it herself.  For a LOT cheaper.

Ok, I think you see where this is leading. 

I absolutely cannot stand to pay premium prices for things that:

  1. look really nice, but are made poorly,
  2. look really nice and are made well, but have a ridiculous markup on them, and
  3. anything I could possibly make myself with a reasonable amount of study and effort and the right tools.

I would love to have nice furnishings in our new house, but I truly dread the thought of going to a furniture store and trying to find something that I think is worth paying for AND that I like.  So what if I could make my own furniture, in my choice of wood and finish, save some money AND learn a new skill in the process?

Crazy?  Not really.

A lot of time and trouble?  Probably.

But I’m guessing that like anything else that requires hard work it will be really worth it in the end.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I really like being able to say, “I made it myself.”




  1. You go girl!!! That sounds so much like the Diane that I knew! have you checked out Pinterest? They have amazing furniture ideas! is my site, but watch out it is addictive!

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