Posted by: Diane | July 9, 2013


Wow, have I been busy!

We have most of the underground plumbing complete on the house.  The only thing left is to run PEX pipe for the water supply.  We have also put up the forms for the concrete floor and have been poisoning the grass inside the forms.  Then we till it and the kids rake the dead grass out.  Next step will be to level the ground.

Ollie and I have been learning lessons lately.  I think maybe Im learning more than she is!  The past two days I have been introducing her to lunging, where she walks in a circle around me on the lead rope.  Today she went both directions, although she still wants to tell me when she’s going to stop.  I try to work with her for about 30 minutes each morning.  Some mornings that means halter, lead rope, lunge whip, and learning new things.  Other mornings it means just going out and spending friendly time with her.  I don’t want her to think that every time I go out to her pen it’s only to halter her and walk her in circles or challenge her thinking skills.  🙂  

And the garden, well…this is definitely the year for tomatoes.  Last year it was cucumbers and peas, but this year it’s tomatoes.  I have canned until I’m about sick of tomatoes!  I’ve got over 60 pints of tomatoes in one form or another, and they are STILL coming.  My new experiment this summer was Green Tomato Mincemeat.  I’d post a recipe, except that I simply used the very basic Ball Blue Book recipe and then added this and that based on some other recipes I found online.  (I do that a lot when I cook.)  I made a four pint batch, just to try it, and Sunday evening I used one pint to make Mincemeat Bars.  They are so easy to make and really yummy!  So now I guess I need to pick more green tomatoes and make more mincemeat to can.

Micah is off at Boy Scout Camp this week.  He should be able to finish the last few merit badges he needs to be an Eagle Scout.   He’s growing up and starting to get peach fuzz on his upper lip.  Where have the years gone?  The girls are growing up, too.  Madlen is eager to fly the coop, although I’m not entirely convinced she is fully aware of all the responsibility and burden that entails.  But were any of us fully aware of what it meant to be “grown up”?  And yet we dove off into it, head first and head strong. 

  Daylight’s burnin’ and I’ve got tomatoes to put up…  I’ll save the deep thinking for another day…


Over half a bushel of tomatoes picked the past two days


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