Posted by: Diane | January 20, 2014

It’s always something

2014 has gotten off to a challenging start.  There have been lots of little problems cropping up that have required our attention, seemingly on a daily basis.  I’m presently sitting at the picnic table in our new house as I write, watching the little birds flit around the front pasture. We haven’t done much work on the house lately owing to weather and a temporary redirection of finances, but that’s not a problem.

The problem is that all of our old “homes” have chosen this time to start acting up and demanding attention.  Especially in the electrical and plumbing departments.   Madlen has had to abandon her nest in the cabin for the sleeper sofa in our living room because of electrical issues and then broken water pipes.  Those pipes have survived past hard freezes without problem, but not this year.

The electricity problem started with just some blinking and progressed to the point that it blew one of their video game transformers and outlets quit working.  One of the twins got zapped when she touched the refrigerator door.   And Allen has been unsuccessful in tracking down exactly what the problem is.   He checks an outlet with an ohm meter and it reads as it should.  But plug something in and the power drops to nothing.   Combine that with the fact that our last electric bill was increased by $200 and you know you’ve got a problem.  I suspect an electrical “leak”.
Henceforth, the cabin will be a large storage building.  Good news:  the water heater (almost new) can be moved and used in the new house. 

As for the water pipes, Allen had the foresight to install a few cutoff valves a few years ago, so that water could be shut off to individual buildings or faucets.  Very helpful when you have a leak somewhere!

Since the cabin was also our laundry room, we have had to adjust our routine  a little.   We moved the washing machine back in to our trailer where it used to be, however, we no longer have a plug for the dryer in there.   It was used to install the electric stove in my kitchen.  So we will be line drying clothes for now.


Do you use liquid fabric softener at 6 times the amount recommended by the manufacturer to give your clothes (and the one square mile of atmosphere surrounding your dryer vent) that “fresh laundry” scent?


What your nose  is really craving is that “wind and sunshine” smell that only comes from hanging your laundry out to dry on a clothesline, fence or drying rack.  It’s free and it won’t trigger chemical allergies in others when you walk past them!  Not to mention that you’ll sleep better when you crawl into bed between those fresh, sun-dried sheets and know that your electric bill will be lower!

(brought to you by the Council on Good Ideas)

This morning we had to make some fence repairs.  The fences are goat strong, but apparently not horse-stepping-on-wire-and-stretching-to-eat-grass-over-the-fence strong.  We’ve woken up to her wandering about the yard for the past three mornings.  And apparently she has a thing for licking the hood of Allen’s car.  Not cool in his opinion, but pretty funny in mine.

It’s probably time to take some laundry off of the line and hang some more out.  Allen will be home soon to go fix a water pipe at the church and build a few more walls in the house.  For all the little setbacks we are still getting a lot accomplished.



  1. The Council on Good Ideas should publish a book…

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