Posted by: Diane | June 22, 2014

Poison Ivy, how I hate thee…

…let me count the ways:(the itching,

the ugly, oozing blisters,

the itching,

the way the rash spreads for days which only prolongs the misery,

the burning,

the fact that I seem to get it not from actually touching the plant, but “secondhand”, which makes it impossible to avoid,

the itching,

and OMG the awful blisters that ooze and crust.

Do they sell calamine lotion in 55 gallon drums?  Actually, my favorite remedies are hot water (or a hair dryer) on the rash, and peppermint oil.

Does anyone else have any helpful remedies for easing this truly satanic malady?  (Straight from the pit of hell, I’m tellin’ ya.)



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